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Authority Towing is your local car towing and roadside assistance solutions expert in San Francisco. You are welcome to call us 24 hours a day for any roadside problem you run into from breakdown towing, to accident removal, to help with an urgent car jumpstart.

At Authority Towing, we do it all and we are always available to assist you. We work with a team of dependable technicians who work around the clock – that means that even if you need help on a weekend or very late at night, we will be there to help.

Top Quality Towing and Roadside Assistance in San Francisco

Quality and safety are of the utmost importance to us and this is apparent in the service you will receive from everyone at Authority Towing, from the moment we answer your call to after we complete the job.

We believe in fast but safe service, so we will dispatch a technician as soon as we have your details, and they will arrive in the fastest time that is safely possible. We never give you a specified time of arrival but always get to your location in San Francisco as quickly as possible.

Authority Towing offers affordable prices for all our services. We believe in being transparent with our customers and this includes providing upfront price quotes.

Got a question for us? Just give us a call, we are always happy to talk.

We also provide a range of roadside assistance solutions and auto locksmith services.

From heavy duty towing to car lockout assistance – Authority Towing is always happy to help drivers in San Francisco!

Dead Car Battery? Authority Towing Has A Solution

Many drivers do not pay much attention to their vehicle batteries. It is usually a case of out-of-sight out of mind. But, car batteries can occasionally drain, for a number of different reasons and we won’t realize this until we get into the car to go somewhere and it just won’t turn on. Of course, this will always happen at the wrong time – when you are in a hurry to get somewhere or you need to go somewhere important.

Why do car batteries get drained?

There are a few reasons why this happens. There may be a problem with your car, which you will need to have checked out, but it could simply happen if you leave the radio or the car lights on overnight, or if you do not drive the car for a long period of time. Another reason that car batteries die is old age. Yes, car batteries also have an expiry date – they usually last three to five years. The life span of a car battery depends on driving habits, your car’s electronic demands, and even the weather. Usually, the battery will start showing signs that it is reaching the end of its life, but you may miss them and end up with a dead battery before you have a chance to replace it.

How Authority Towing Can Help with Battery Jumpstarts

So, you’ve found yourself in a car that won’t start with a drained battery. You don’t need to panic, all you have to do is give Authority Towing a call and we’ll send someone to help you.

Although, if your car battery is old, a jumpstart might not do the trick, and it is better to replace it with a new battery anyway.

Once we have received your call we will send a professional technician with the required equipment to help. They will check out your alert signals to make sure that you do not have a bigger problem with the vehicle than just needing a jumpstart. The technician will safely jumpstart your car and make sure that it is running before leaving you.

Once your car is running you need to keep the engine running in order to recharge the battery. You can do this by driving around freely (not in traffic) for at least half an hour.

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