24hr Fast Towing Services in San Francisco

Authority Towing offers comprehensive towing services and roadside assistance solutions to drivers in the San Francisco, CA area.

The company has a steadfast focus on customer satisfaction, which has helped over the years with the development of our portfolio of towing services.

As a local company, Authority Towing makes providing excellent services to San Francisco drivers its purpose.

We work through a network of handpicked affiliates who are all professionally trained and certified to work as tow truck operators.  Professional training is very important to us at Authority Towing, and we make sure that our operators are always kept up to date with the latest technology and knowledge of the towing industry.

Our operators provide towing services for all types of vehicles, cars, motorcycles, and heavy-duty vehicles and equipment. We also provide roadside assistance and auto locksmith services when our customers need help that we are able to provide onsite.

Authority Towing believes in excellence and this is apparent in everything we do. We provide value to our customers both in the high quality of our work and in the affordable prices that we offer.

As providers of emergency roadside services, we work 24/7 to ensure that all calls are covered, no matter what time of the day or night they come in. Our dispatchers will take your information, answer your questions, provide you with a price quote, and with your approval, they will immediately dispatch a tow truck to your location.

Authority Towing provides fast, safe and affordable towing services anywhere in San Francisco – every time.

Reliable Towing Solutions in The Bay Area

When you find yourself in need of towing services, you want to call the most reliable provider available, and if you’re in San Francisco, that means Authority Towing.

Over the years Authority Towing has built up a reputation as an excellent, safe and reliable tow company, and we plan to keep up the good name. The company is insured and works with only the best tow truck operators, who are all highly trained and certified in their profession.

We know that speed is important, and we will do our utmost to have a tow truck operator with you as soon as possible after your request for help. We have operators on call 24/7, so we will immediately dispatch someone to help you, whether it’s during work hours on not.

Being a local company is a bonus for our customers because our operators know the city like the back of their hands. They will always know the best way to reach you and if you don’t have a specific repair shop in mind, we can always recommend one that works with your type of car.

Our towing operators know how to take care of all types of vehicles, cars of all sizes, motorcycles, and all types of heavy-duty vehicles. We can help with all makes and models.

If you find yourself stuck on the roadside give us a call. Our phone operators are well trained and will know exactly what kind of service you need. We know that the whole ordeal of breaking down and needing a tow is stressful, but once you’ve spoken to our operators, you can be sure that we are going to handle everything, just as fast as we can.

Your safety and the safety of your vehicle are our utmost priority and we’ll make sure to get it safely to its destination.

Full Range of Towing & Roadside Assistance Services

Our services include the following and more. If you need a service that is not on this list, please ask us about it.

Talk To Us

Call us at any time at (415) 966-0086 if you have any questions regarding our services or rates.