Roadside Assistance Experts in San Francisco

With years of experience helping drivers in San Francisco with different towing and roadside assistance solutions, Authority Towing has made a name for itself as the company to call when you run into any type of roadside problem.

Authority Towing: Your Local Bay Area Roadside Assistance Company

Authority Towing is a veteran San Francisco towing and roadside assistance service provider that always provides friendly, honest, and reliable services. Just give us a call at any time of the day or night and we’ll have a technician from our hardworking crew come out to your location to help you, right there, right then.

Don’t hesitate to call with any car problem you are experiencing – no job is too big or too small for Authority Towing.

As a local company, we know all the best routes in the area. One of our reliable technicians will be with you fast. No matter what vehicle you drive, we can help. Authority Towing serves all types, brands, and models of vehicles, motorcycles, and trucks.

We are fully licensed and insured and provide our services through a network of affiliate tow truck drivers and technicians.

We provide the following services in San Francisco, and more!

24/7 Off-Road Solutions in the San Francisco Area

Not every breakdown or car problem necessitates having the vehicle towed. Authority Towing is proud to deliver a range of roadside assistance solutions which we provide in situations that we can help a driver who is stuck get back on the road, without having to tow the vehicle to a mechanic or garage to have the issue fixed.

So, what types of 24/7 roadside assistance do we provide?

Car Battery Jumpstarts

There is nothing more infuriating than getting into your car, ready to start the day, and then…. You turn the key and nothing happens. Your car battery is flat and you are going to be late.

Your battery might be getting old, or you may have left an electronic component on, like the car radio, overnight draining the battery. Whatever the problem, you need to have your car battery jumpstarted, so you can get on with your day.

Give Authority Towing a call and we’ll send one of our expert technicians to your location to check if your car can be jumpstarted and if it can be, to jumpstart it back to life.

Tire Change Service

Authority Towing offers mobile tire change services on-site in the San Francisco area. Whether you’re at home or stuck on the roadside we will quickly send one of our technicians out to help you. If you have a spare tire in your car we will change the flat tire for you, and then you can drive to the closest tire shop to have your flat tire repaired or replaced.

Not everybody is able to change a tire, and even if you are, sometimes it’s just not worth getting dirty and sweaty, especially if you are on your way to an important meeting.

Authority Towing has a team of experts that is here to help you with that. Our technicians have gear that makes changing your tire a breeze.

Run Out Of Gas?

Authority Towing is always happy to deliver gas to customers who have run out of gas while out driving on the San Francisco roads. Our remote gas delivery services if fast, reliable and affordable.

We are always happy to provide these services which will save you a lot of time and of course a huge headache!

Let’s Keep In Touch

We offer 24/7 availability, fast, efficient, and affordable service for any type of vehicle.

Need urgent roadside assistance? Give us a call at (415) 966-0086.

If you have any questions regarding our roadside assistance, our rates, or any other services – give us a call, we’re always happy to talk to you